pictures in the kitchen

unfortunately the day I wore this outfit it was raining, but since I liked the outfit (not these pictures though :() I figured I'd document them, the place a woman belongs; the kitchen...

*not actually serious, relax all you feminists out there..

grey dress - chic & chic (gift from sister) 
black leggings - jay jays
purple cardigan - thrifted
black boots - nine west lololol 
jewel ring & hairpin - h&m
studded ant necklace - gift shop at Canada's Wonderland


Niagara on the lake Fall edition

Remember way back in June when my parents and I went to Niagara on the Lake to see The Cherry Orchard for the Shaw Festival?  Last weekend we went back to see An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde. The play was very funny, with lovely costumes and British accents galore! This time, the weather was quite different, it being super cold! Of course, I snapped some photos, sans digital camera and instead with my D90!

We parked right by a cemetery.. speaking of parking, I still need to get my G1. Lazy Polina is lazy.

 Remember this dress? Well, here's how I spruced it up to make way for the chilly Autumn temps..
No, I did not place my camera on a tombstone and proceed to turn on the timer to take this shot..................

 How cute are the dangling lights?!

 Inside the gift shop, loving the lighting..
 Cutest necklaces ever. Musical notes, monkeys and check out that dog! aww!
 Inside a wine tasting store.

 Oh how punny!
 <3 Canada, eh? :)
 Me, dad, stepmum.. 
(outfit details - 
dress- cotton on
bag, white lace hair pin - forever 21

leather jacket - h&m
leggings - jay jays
boots - nine west (of course!)
 Cutest umbrellas of life. Wanted to get one badly!

 The sunset on the way home was so beautiful, but impossible to get a good photo of in a moving car. But, I tried..
 I like these!

Back to catching up on tv shows I missed this week due to procrastination of my study and homework which meant late nights. Gah, so tired.


the sky

Last week we had some really pretty sunsets, and I couldn't resist taking several (hundred) photos of it on each individual day. Turned out liking the pictures, so I figured the world of blogspot would (might!) be interested. It's a 4 day long weekend over here now due to Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday. My family and I are going to Niagara Falls for a couple of days and doing family-type activities. Tonight my friends and I are seeing "Easy A" and then I'm staying over at my mates, so that should be nice. Have a good weekend everyone!


the stones

a couple days old pictures from digital camera once again.. cringe! but at least they're outside :-)

studded rolling stones shirt, black and white studded bracelets - h&m
kissing birds necklace, cross 2 finger ring - forever 21
denim shorts - costa blanca
 black tights - winners
 belt - thrifted
boots -  nine west

so yesterday i bit the bullet and finally got a trim. i guess i should be embarrassed about this but i hadn't had my hair cut since the end of January - i'm trying to grow my hair out! anyway, a few weeks ago i finally had some sense knocked into me regarding the state of my hair. it was split ends galore! so i've had 2 inches chopped off and even though it feels amazing and so clean, these pictures are making me miss it already! ah well, another 4 months and it should be grown back, but in much better condition!

 over summer my family was growing fruits and vegetables and mint - here are some raspberries i snapped even though most of them are almost gone as winter is making its way into Oakville :(

 and normally i strongly dislike spiders, but this was in our backyard and it was pretty cool!
this weekend i am studying for a chemistry test that i have on monday and then on sunday my family and i are going to the theatre to see "An Ideal Husband" by Oscar Wilde. i think it might be in niagara falls or stratford... not sure which one right now. anyway, i'll be sure to take plenty of pretty fall pictures as we'll be spending the day there (not sure where but regardless, both places are nice..)
yay for 1st day of october, feels like a fresh start, especially with my new hair! :-)
what are you doing this weekend?

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