florals and rain

these pictures are from Monday. in the greater Toronto area the weather was completely miserable that day, rain and such. i really didn't feel like taking photos outside so I borrowed my 8 year old brother's bedroom, so excuse the childish decor such as stars on the wall and planes hanging from the ceiling.. :) i also didn't take these using my d90 as the battery was flat, and the switch back to my digital camera brings tears to my eyes...  damn that grain!

floral dress - forever 21
earrings, locket necklace - h&m boots - nine west
blue batwing top - thrifted by my sistertights - winners 

and can I just say that i enjoy this combination of blue and orange... anyone else with me? love the colours together! in other news, i need to get a trim, really, really badly. perhaps definitely this weekend! 



peacock necklace

new necklace from forever 21 - wore this the other day and got lots of compliments. i love the peacock inspired colours and design!


Goodbye summer

These pictures are from last monday, when temperatures reached 27 degrees. In a span of a week, it's become super cold and I'm lying here wearing leggings, pants, a sweater, socks and a beanie, listening to the rain outside. I am vastly disappointed as I was really enjoying warm weather!

black tank, printed skirt - thrifted
giraffe necklace - forever 21
gladiators, pink nail polish - h&m
gold ring - family heirloom; passed down from my grandmother to me

Anyway, guess I better go and do some homework.


NYC day 2!

At Rockefeller centre 
 Rockefeller centre.
 Central Park!
 Metropolitan Museum of Art
 Inside the met
 Inside the met.
 Trump tower, speaks for itself really
 Inside the M&M store in Times Square
 Om nom nom

Hershey's store
Inside the Hershey's store

 Okay if you ever see her selling these condoms in Times Square, I suggest you go for them! They're so hilarious! See below..
 Got a few for teh lolz.

 Rockfeller Centre
 Times Square on a Saturday night! Insane!
On the drive home: back in Canada. what a beautiful sunset!

*pictures all taken by me on 21st-22nd August 2010


New York City day 1

In August, after visiting Philly for 4 days, my father and I headed on over to NYC for a couple of days! Here are some pictures from my first trip to the big apple!
these pictures were taken the 20th and 21st of August 2010.

Plane, bird, Hudson river, NYC. view from Hoboken, New Jersey

just chilling.. :) (top,shoes-h&m, shorts,belt-thrifted, bag-aldo, sunglasses-walmart)

american money. not a big deal for most of you, but don't forget, i'm an aussie!

Wall street!

Site of the (now destructed) Twin Towers!

pretty fountain at some park. this one's a little vague :)

Me overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge

epic shot of statue of liberty with new york city from the ferry to ellis and liberty island.

epic shot #2 which i'm rather proud of. feat. my dad ^

Grand Central Station

Bryant Park

me in Times Square! (top,belt-thrifted,shorts-costa blanca, shoes-walmart)

More pictures will be posted sometime soon!


get around round round, i get around

leather jacket, nude tights, ring - h&m
floral dress (worn as skirt) - vintage, made by aunt, passed down to me
blue top, scarf - thrifted
boots - nine west
bracelet, earrings - american eagle outfitters

Not gonna lie, I really liked today's outfit, and now that I've finally gotten boots I can wear dresses as it gets cooler! Those boots were $200 and as a 17 year old student with no form of income other than from my father, I'm sure you can understand why you will be seeing these boots a lot soon.. Gotta make the wear worth it, and they're so versatile.

Side note: my hair is getting so long. I looove it. But this weekend I'll be getting a trim.. my split ends are insane :( In the end though, it'll look better.

Before Summer began, I imagined myself to make more effort in dressing with skirts and such, as I find skirts and dresses annoying to wear at school! Well, considering my lack of posts over the last three months, my original plan did not happen at all. Being back at school has kinda forced me to be a little more creative, as well has wanting to look nice for my fellow ahem, should I say.. goodlooking.. peers :-)

2 weeks into grade 12 and I'm excited! My first period is a spare, so instead of the usual 8:00 am start, I now begin at 9:30! This has made a REMARKABLE difference in my life! I am no longer yawning constantly and sleepy, nor am I freaking out about going to bed close to 12 anymore (6 and half hours sleep was never desired). The wierdest part of it all is that I don't actually fall asleep till 1am most nights, which would NORMALLY make me a zombie the next day, but has had no effect on me whatsoever! I love my new timetable!

This semester I am taking Chemistry, English and Drama, so it has a good combination between stressful and fun. I have friends in all of my classes, and managed to make a few more! I'm really loving my senior year so far..

In less than 4 months I will have to decide what I want to do with my life. Can't wait :l Next weekend is the Ontario University Fair which I'll be attending to see which universities to apply to! 

This has been a lot. I feel as though I'm writing to myself though. Maybe that's a good way to go about it... 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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