50 shades of grey rant - *spoilers*

Holy. Shit. 
My initial reaction after completing the first book in this trilogy. The book was every bit as steamy as everyone has been saying. I wasn't planning on reading it, but my supervisor at work raved about this book which encouraged all my fellow co-workers and I to read it also.

So, while this book was well written and every girls fantasy (who doesn't fantasize about some good looking billionaire to pick us out and shower us with gifts?), it had its flaws. #1 IT REMINDED ME SO MUCH OF TWILIGHT IN SOME PARTS. *~spoiler alert*~ How?

  1. Christian Grey is drop-dead gorgeous, impeccably rich, dark and mysterious. Remind you of anyone?
  2. Christian buys Ana so many gifts, including a cell phone, a lap top, a fancy car, expensive first edition of books... etc. the list goes on
  3. She is some bumbling awkward woman who TRIPS over herself and shows a remarkable amount of clumsiness
  4. She drives a really old car, one Christian claims to be 'dangerous' which is why he sees fit to buy her a new car, against her complaints
The similarities were cringe-worthy. No-one wants to be reminded of Twilight while reading the feminine substitution for porn. That is what annoyed me about this book.
Otherwise, it was a good book. I need to get my hands on the second one which is being passed around at work as well. We'll see how that goes.

BTW, HI GUYS! Long time no see! Maybe some photos will come soon but I don't try with clothes much these days.. or my hair. I recently cut it shoulder length to rid myself of those nasty split ends.. and looks-wise, I only really try to dress nicely for parties. I am suddenly lazy.
So back to the main topic - What did you think of this book?
P.S. They are making a movie and trying to decide who Christian and Anastasia should be. My opinion? Ian Somerhalder and Amanda Seyfried. Duh! They would just be so hot together. 

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