i know how it feels to be your age

This is my friend's grandmother's camera from like 50 years ago! I thought it was super cute and had to take a picture of it. That's me in the background haha. I love how our the colours (unintentionally) coordinated. 

Tomorrow is my 17th birthday - April 30th. I'll probably just spend the afternoon with friends and then go home and hang out with my family because on Saturday I'm planning on going to Toronto with my friends for a certain special occasion..

This is a picture of one of the parking lots at my school - I really like this picture. The plant life makes my school actually look nice! ;)

I took this picture yesterday, although it's nothing all that special, I love the contrast of the different colours in the picture, and how everyone is busy doing different things, wrapped up in their own thoughts. Well, that's what I got out of it. Maybe I'm just searching for meaning which isn't there :)

I really like this last picture - it's of my brother and I last Christmas. Can you believe that was over 4 months ago? I can't...

Anyway, have a great weekend all. My weekend has started early! I didn't get any homework today ;) The life of a teenager is too easy sometimes..

Bye bye!


a specimen like you, i would love to obtain

Love these sandals.

Pearl necklace my mum got me from Barcelona!

top - thrifted
jeans - Jay Jays (Australia)
necklace - gift, Barcelona
shoes - thrifted
belt - thrifted

love ya'll. i think i'm getting sick though, my throat hurts :( 


the boy with the thorn in his side

When i'm home i like to relax in comfy clothing with bad hair and no makeup. to me, the definition of  comfy clothing are old & baggy garments; perfect for sleeping in. one of my favourite pj tops is this simple black shirt which originally belonged to my mother. a few years ago she randomly gave it to me and due to the humour in the slogan (it really represents the true Aussie within me) i kept it and to this day continue to love it!

I got that bruise on my arm on the weekend. I was walking down the stairs talking on the cellphone and holding half a cup of tea in my other hand when I randomly slipped, stumbled and banged my arm on the banister (?).. I don't exactly know how it happened but miraculously enough, my tea didn't get split at all!

what about you? do you own a similar shirt that you can't let go of?


burning hot but you don't feel the pain

Sunshine and warmth!
The sun disappeared over the weekend and as a replacement, we have rain. my window was left open in my bedroom over night and i rose to a cold atmosphere and the sound of rain. it was a bit chilly and depressing. so much for the lovely warm/borderline hot few days we had last Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Future decisions!
Generally i'm not one to contemplate my future but lately i have been pondering things and possibly come to a conclusion that i just regret something. funny that the regret would come 3 months later which is why i'm not too sure if my feelings are true. i don't really know and that probably didn't make much sense... moving on though, i'm thinking about taking a Gap year when i finish high school, to go back to Australia, possibly get a job over there and finally decide in which hemisphere i will attend University. but, this decision won't be made for at least another year so i guess i shouldn't be too concerned about it right now.

Professional camera!
I've decided that i do indeed want a really good camera. after doing some research for good yet not too expensive cameras online, i've found my baby; Nikon D5000. it looks amazing! sadly, it's just under $800 for the body and a lens. judging by my pocket money, it would take me 3 months to get this master piece.. if i didn't buy ANYTHING, or call or text anyone. sadly, i am not that determined to get the camera (lol) so i'm contemplating a part time job...even though i hate working! seriously. i worked for about 2 years in Australia, having two different jobs and i was not a fan. the job itself wasn't too bad, it was the responsibility..and giving up my social life on some nights. that hurt. plus i enjoy freedom to do whatever i want. but if i truly wanted this baby i guess it'd be worth it. need to think more about it i guess. i need to find some way to make money without working! ideas, anyone? ;)


..I think we should all pay attention to the last image ;)



i'm a creator, thrill is to make it up

Hey everyone!

Happy easter! Hope you all got a substantial amount of chocolate, I know I did ; ) Even though I can't exactly say it was worth it to be woken up early by my screaming siblings on their Easter egg hunt..

Ontario has had some beautiful weather lately, so I didn't even need to wear this blazer during most of the day, but here is what I wore on April Fool's Day (also known as my brother's 8th birthday)

Check out the fur collar! It's so lovely and warm!

Excuse my gross hand.. need to moisturize :P

 You know what's great? Taking a bunch of photos and then speed clicking through them, it's as if you're watching a movie!

Top - thrifted
Blazer - thrifted
Jeans - H&M
Sunglasses - random store in Toronto 
Shoes - Converse
Jewellery -  stolen from my sister ; )

Enjoy your long weekend everyone!
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