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added a few new things into my 'store'
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in other news, tomorrow morning i'm going to my school to register into grade 12. school officially begins next tuesday. oh my god, how i feel as though i've wasted my summer! time to start afresh and try to do the best i can. university is on the horizon! woow!

random shot from the other day, was hanging out with a couple of friends. random question -what would you say is my hair colour? if you have any idea - please enlighten me!
love, Polina!


wawanaisa resort pictures

taken with point & shoot:


my attempt at photography

Tell me what you think! Which is your favourite?

Don't mind me, just an amateur.. ;)

Driving up to Wawanaisa Resort tomorrow. Going to spend the week there, living in a cottage with my family.
Hopefully it all goes well..
Have a great weekend everyone!


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