Fruit smoothie!

So, yesterday I finished exams once and for all which commenced my SUMMER BREAK! Today I did something I don't normally do.. I made a smoothie. I know, I know, How exciting right? Polina, you badass. But, I had to do something to kick start my long-awaited vacation. I started grade 11 in Australia, in early February 2009 and finally completed at the end of June 2010. It feels good..

I'm sure it would've tasted a lot better had I used vanilla icecream instead of Baskin n Robbins Chocolate Mousse but sadly, we didn't have any.
Yep, served in a beer mug. 
Taste: 3/10
I guess practice makes perfect! ;)

Finally, I am seriously considering buying a Nikon D90 DSLR. It's about $1200 in stores (lense included) and it is an amazing camera. My father has agreed to putting $100 (from my pocket money) towards it every fortnight until it's paid off (by credit). I need more opinions. Should I do it? I will be poor for the next year but it's such a great camera and my current contraption isn't doing it for me anymore.
This Olympus camera was my first ever. I received it for Christmas 2005 and I was in love. At the age of 12, any old camera is amazing! 
When my Olympus camera died 3 years later, I went 4 months without a camera before finally saving up enough to purchase this Fujifilm camera in March 2009. I wasn't really aware about cameras and didn't know much about the differences so I was happy with it, especially because it's a nice colour. Anyway, I still use this camera and I do the best I can with the pictures I take so it's a pretty good camera but I'm craving the feel of this baby:
So what do you guys think? Is it worth it? Should I do it? I do enjoy taking photos and if I had this camera, the experience would be a lot nicer!
Tips guys.. I'm in need for some confirmation/opinions!



Yesterday my father, step mother and I drove 45 minutes to Niagara-on-the-Lake which is a town situated just by Niagara Falls.

We stopped by for a walk among the roses in..

I got a little picture-happy..

(reads Niagara Park)

Lily pads with a single lily! (and coins..)
Picked up some cherries..

Such a cute Christmas store..

Picked up some chocolate at a candy store.. om nom nom!

Stopped at a Jewellery store. I love this ring, but I didn't get it :(

Then, we finally stopped and saw the play 'The Cherry Orchard' by Anton Chekhov at The Court House Theatre..

.. it was an alright play, a little boring but nonetheless, a nice day and night out!



mustang sally, guess you better slow your mustang down

leather jacket - H&M
brown top - thrifted
jean shorts - Valleygirl (Australia)
floral tights - H&M
white shoes - Walmart (lol) 
black bag with gold rivets - Postlapsaria 
New York City belt - thrifted
gold leave earrings - gift
tiger print necklace - Le Chateau

blog title lyrics from Mustang Sally - ZZ Top


polina's closet

update: clothes added to store
check it out!

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