my new blog!

hello everyone!
so, i made this new blog which will be primarily fashion related. i've decided to start posting outfit pictures and i couldn't do it on my old blog as people from my old school would see them and they wouldn't really understand. i got rejected from lookbook when i submitted an application (don't know anyone on that site, really would love an account but this will do)

to all the people who i've just followed again HELLO. i hope to expand on my followers list so if you happen to come across my blog, leave a comment and i'll check out your blog!

i'll post my first look in a couple of days!
thanks for reading this!

~ polina @world-dweller (i'll be changing that title when I think of something better though :)


  1. welcome honey. i`m your follower ;O) maybe you follow me toooo? kiss from germany. i`m waiting of a new post ;O)

  2. That's so bizarre about the lookbook site; kinda depressing, but oh well.

    I like your blog title and description! Quite clever.


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