Fruit smoothie!

So, yesterday I finished exams once and for all which commenced my SUMMER BREAK! Today I did something I don't normally do.. I made a smoothie. I know, I know, How exciting right? Polina, you badass. But, I had to do something to kick start my long-awaited vacation. I started grade 11 in Australia, in early February 2009 and finally completed at the end of June 2010. It feels good..

I'm sure it would've tasted a lot better had I used vanilla icecream instead of Baskin n Robbins Chocolate Mousse but sadly, we didn't have any.
Yep, served in a beer mug. 
Taste: 3/10
I guess practice makes perfect! ;)

Finally, I am seriously considering buying a Nikon D90 DSLR. It's about $1200 in stores (lense included) and it is an amazing camera. My father has agreed to putting $100 (from my pocket money) towards it every fortnight until it's paid off (by credit). I need more opinions. Should I do it? I will be poor for the next year but it's such a great camera and my current contraption isn't doing it for me anymore.
This Olympus camera was my first ever. I received it for Christmas 2005 and I was in love. At the age of 12, any old camera is amazing! 
When my Olympus camera died 3 years later, I went 4 months without a camera before finally saving up enough to purchase this Fujifilm camera in March 2009. I wasn't really aware about cameras and didn't know much about the differences so I was happy with it, especially because it's a nice colour. Anyway, I still use this camera and I do the best I can with the pictures I take so it's a pretty good camera but I'm craving the feel of this baby:
So what do you guys think? Is it worth it? Should I do it? I do enjoy taking photos and if I had this camera, the experience would be a lot nicer!
Tips guys.. I'm in need for some confirmation/opinions!


  1. So worth it. Owning a DSLR is the best thing ever. When I got mine my whole picture taking experience changed. 110% recommend buying it. It's an awesome investment, just make sure you buy a case. You don't want it to be banged up.

    Mmmm, I love smoothies.

  2. I have been having pangs for DSLR's.
    Go for it.

    Think of it as cost vs. worth. However, maybe take a class to get used to it and learn to make it worth the cash?

    Now I have smoothie and DSLR wants. :)

  3. I always prefer Canon over Nikon, but getting that style is definitely worth it. You get what you pay for I suppose.
    I'm hosting a designer apparel giveaway at my blog :) Check it out!

  4. I don't have a DSLR but like you, my small digital ones do a pretty good job so I never bother with it.

  5. I really love making banana smoothies, never put that much different fruit in though.

    Hmm it's a tricky question about the DSLR, I'm saving for the Nikon D90 myself will be in my hands in the very near future I hope. It is a really great camera but I reckon you have to know a little bit about photography to use it, I don't know what you know but I've been doing a lot of photography in my art course the last year and a half and theres more to a DSLR than just hold and shoot. Although it will be a great way for you to learn about apeture and f-stops and such if you don't already know. But could you live a year without money? no clothes for a year? Hmm a Nikon D90 is up there in the top range for professional photographers, you could even look into a semi-professional camera thats a bit cheaper, there are much cheaper DSLR's out there that are still amazing quality, even one of the earlier Nikons. Sorry I've written so much, I'm just throwing ideas out there. The Nikon D90 is awesome, so its up to you. Hopefully my rambling was in some way helpful.

  6. I recently invested in a Nikon D90 and even though I still have a lot to learn about how to use it, it's already changed my life. I'm not exaggerating. I think it's been worth every penny.

    Good luck with your decision!

  7. love the smoothie. and god I wish I had a D90 - I purchased a D40 some time ago but wished I had waited for a little bit longer! it's a fantastic camera and totally worth the money!

  8. My SLR was one of the best purchasing decisions I've made in my entire life so yes its TOTALLY worth it!! Happy purchasing :)

  9. first off, that looks like a seriously decadent smoothie! nom.

    second, i think that having a dslr can be really amazing, but it is a huge investment and you can find something less expensive that will still fit your needs. especially if you don't think you'll be investing in a bunch of different lenses, you should check out some of the smaller canon models before you take the plunge!


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