my attempt at photography

Tell me what you think! Which is your favourite?

Don't mind me, just an amateur.. ;)

Driving up to Wawanaisa Resort tomorrow. Going to spend the week there, living in a cottage with my family.
Hopefully it all goes well..
Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. I love the picture of the sunset!

  2. Isn't the D90 life-changing? I just got mine earlier this year...in love with it!

    Amazing shots!

  3. Yum tea :) I am drinking one right now.

    I love the photo in the field with the little bee.

  4. These are good! I love that last photo and all the sunset ones especially :]

  5. Love the ones by the beach! so pretty

    and love the banner!

    Miss Neira

  6. Those photos are incredible. I love all of them especially the one with the heart drawn with sparklers. I've always wanted to do that.

  7. These are great! Keep it up. I want to buy your camera. It makes such a big difference.

    My favorite is the one with the bunny ears behind the little boy at the beach.

    Also the candle one and the one of the woman reading on the rocks are great.

  8. Very cool pictures -- I especially love the shadowy plant with the blue sky background!

  9. These photos are gorgeous! I love the heart light streamer and the sky photos the best but they all turned out really lovely!


  10. I love the shot of the old lady on the rock, just because she is so cute :) But they're all wonderful. Really. How cool is that one with the sparkler?!

    So glad you stumbled upon my little spot. I'm originally from Tasmania but have been in WA for the past 6 years. The weather is bleh, raining, in my little town at the mo - which is crazy because we have a wet season, it's summer. So out of the blue it's raining! Oh well :)

    I'm moving to Perth in December for uni - I am mighty excited. How's Canada? Why'd you move? Parents? I hope to one day get over there. My guy's company has the option to work in the mines over there so we may end up living there for a while. It would be a dream come true :)

    Anyway, enough rambles. Will go scour your blog now, thanks for the comment. xxx

  11. I think they are all not bad but the last one and the one at the seaside with the big sun in the sky are my favourite ones!
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