oh hai guys

Just dropping in to let you know I'm still alive. I have Florida pictures to upload but that would mean sorting through them, and as I have 5 chapters of Wuthering Heights to read, and a monologue to memorise, that's probably not the best idea. 
Here's a picture of me being all cute and stuff. We have to submit photos for the grade 12 baby photos page of the yearbook. 

I enjoy the vintage feel of the photo. Wasn't I cute? Somewhere along the way, something happened and I turned into this fine beast in the front.
Hot damn.
k I'm rly should go. peace world <3

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  1. Polina, you were such a cute baby! I might some day post my baby pictures, but I'm afraid it'll scare away my readers!..
    Good luck with your monologue!


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