florals and rain

these pictures are from Monday. in the greater Toronto area the weather was completely miserable that day, rain and such. i really didn't feel like taking photos outside so I borrowed my 8 year old brother's bedroom, so excuse the childish decor such as stars on the wall and planes hanging from the ceiling.. :) i also didn't take these using my d90 as the battery was flat, and the switch back to my digital camera brings tears to my eyes...  damn that grain!

floral dress - forever 21
earrings, locket necklace - h&m boots - nine west
blue batwing top - thrifted by my sistertights - winners 

and can I just say that i enjoy this combination of blue and orange... anyone else with me? love the colours together! in other news, i need to get a trim, really, really badly. perhaps definitely this weekend! 



  1. Beautiful photos! I love that locket.
    I'm in England until December 18th!

  2. I had to use my friend's digital camera the other day and it just about killed me. Haha.

    You look great in this outfit dear, following. Would love it if you would follow back. :)

    -Amber Rose


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