New York City day 1

In August, after visiting Philly for 4 days, my father and I headed on over to NYC for a couple of days! Here are some pictures from my first trip to the big apple!
these pictures were taken the 20th and 21st of August 2010.

Plane, bird, Hudson river, NYC. view from Hoboken, New Jersey

just chilling.. :) (top,shoes-h&m, shorts,belt-thrifted, bag-aldo, sunglasses-walmart)

american money. not a big deal for most of you, but don't forget, i'm an aussie!

Wall street!

Site of the (now destructed) Twin Towers!

pretty fountain at some park. this one's a little vague :)

Me overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge

epic shot of statue of liberty with new york city from the ferry to ellis and liberty island.

epic shot #2 which i'm rather proud of. feat. my dad ^

Grand Central Station

Bryant Park

me in Times Square! (top,belt-thrifted,shorts-costa blanca, shoes-walmart)

More pictures will be posted sometime soon!

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