Topbox November 2012

I've recently became a big fan of beauty boxes. I have signed up for 5 different boxes (having a credit card,the internet, and an addiction made my balance go way down) and intend on posting reviews for each for these boxes.

In case you are not familiar, Topbox is a subscription beauty box. Each month, we are sent 4 samples of deluxe products. The beauty of this service is that it allows you to try new things, without the hefty price tag involved. If you like a product, then you know you can buy the full size product on their online store or other places.

Topbox has just become $12 monthly, or $13.56 with tax and shipping included. They JUST increased their price, unfortunately, and for the past year they were $10 monthly, or $11.30 with tax and shipping. Fortunately, this $2 price increase is not substantial, and the variety of products they deliver has proven to be worth it the increase. This months box is the last box priced at $10.
Anyway, without further ado, here is this months box! I got box #2

  • Pandora's Nail Polish and Perfume Duo
  • Benefit's They're Real Mascara
  • Cuccio Naturale Butter Lotion

 Overall, I was very pleased with this months box. I have been curious to try this mascara, and the nail polish and perfume duo is such an interesting idea! I don't have that colour of polish so I'm glad to receive it. The lotion also seems awesome. It has such cute packaging and the ingredients seem toxin-free.

Price: $11.30
Value: Nailpolish and perfume: $24.50 + Mascara (full size: $29 for 8.5 g. Sample size: 3 g) + $10.23 + Lotion (Full size = $18.95 for 240 g. sample size: 24 g) + 1.90 = $36

Great value, although this is additional information for you guys. I am more interested in the quality of the products as opposed to 'worth'.

If you're interested in joining Topbox, join NOW. Their waitlist is 4-6 months long. I had to wait approximately 6 months before they had room for me. By the way, if you want to join, comment your email address and I will send you an invitation! If you don't feel comfortable posting down below, email me at polinapel@hotmail.com your email address for confidentiality!

What did you get in your box?


  1. Wtf only 3 items? I would hate this box. I like my box much better. I got china glaze nail polish.

    1. I guess the nailpolish/perfume combination is considered 2 seperate items!

  2. I was disappointed with my box, more so because I hated last month's box and in all, for two months worth of deluxe samples I only liked two :(.

    New follower from the facebook spoiler group lol



  3. I got a similar box, just different colour of nail polish. I was quite disappointed =(


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