Julep Introductory Box - Bombshell

This week I received my introductory box from Julep! Guess how much I paid? 1 penny plus $3.99 for shipping. After taking a quiz online, I chose the bombshell intro box as I was attracted to the colours. After approximately 12 days, I received the box all the way from Seattle!

 I received Gloria, Viola, Julep Essential Cuticle Oil and two pots of glitter for the nails. I sampled both colours tonight and I liked Viola. It is a deep, dark purple which appears almost black. I didn't like Gloria that much though. It was just your average pink colour. I am excited to try the glitter though. 
After this first box, I don't know if I would pay full price for Julep monthly. Usually, it is $20 for three polishes, plus a bonus item or two. If you want your introductory box for 1 penny, use the promo code COLOR2012. Don't forget to use 6257251 as the invitation code! 

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