Glossybox November 2012

Not a bad box considering their recent price 'adjustment'. Pleased to receive the sugar scrub, blush and nail polish (such a pretty colour!). Enough with the shampoo/conditioner duos and handcream, glossybox! So boring! I hate the lipgloss though, what am I going to do with a yellow glittery lipgloss? I'm not 13 anymore.
Will have to see where this box goes...


  1. your cat is adorable!! :)
    i am loving the blush and nail polish i received in this box!

  2. I just realised you have a blog, Polina! :S You should post sometime. :) What a kitty! :D

  3. yes yes the cat is so adorable
    new blogger <3 brokeanddbeautiful.blogspot.ca


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