Beauty Box 5 November 2012

Hi guys! I received my BB5 box this week, this is what I got:

  • Swagger Eyeshadow
  • Envie De Nuef Eye Mask
  • Global Goddess Upgrade Complexion Face Primer
  • Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion
  • Model Co Lip Shine in "Tease"
  • $10 Gift Card to "My Name Necklace"
My thoughts
Wasn't that impressed with the box to be honest, but it is still a useful box. I like the eyeshadow, it's a gorgeous glittery brown colour but when I tried it on, there was quite a bit of fall out. Still, I was happy to receive brown, as some girls got purple/blue and that is way too bright for me!
I am yet to try the eye mask, not too sure what its purpose is but i'll give it a try soon. I tried the face primer and it is pretty awesome! Comparable to Smashbox's Photo Finish Primer! May repurchase in the future! The cetaphil lotion was good. Absorbed quickly but not a very exciting product to me. I didn't like the lipgloss though: it is too sticky. I received it in a previous Glossybox and although it smells fantastic (strawberry-esque), I don't like lipglosses at all. So, I hope to be able to sell/trade this with someone. Finally, I took a look at the website and as anticipated, the necklaces were quite pricey. However, I was able to buy my Secret Santa gift to my coworker, and ordered this necklace for her. Hopefully she will like it. Anyway, I cancelled BB5. Although this was my first box, I need to chill out and stop spending money on these boxes. I have 5 to come in December! 
Were you pleased with this months BB5 box?


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