burning hot but you don't feel the pain

Sunshine and warmth!
The sun disappeared over the weekend and as a replacement, we have rain. my window was left open in my bedroom over night and i rose to a cold atmosphere and the sound of rain. it was a bit chilly and depressing. so much for the lovely warm/borderline hot few days we had last Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Future decisions!
Generally i'm not one to contemplate my future but lately i have been pondering things and possibly come to a conclusion that i just regret something. funny that the regret would come 3 months later which is why i'm not too sure if my feelings are true. i don't really know and that probably didn't make much sense... moving on though, i'm thinking about taking a Gap year when i finish high school, to go back to Australia, possibly get a job over there and finally decide in which hemisphere i will attend University. but, this decision won't be made for at least another year so i guess i shouldn't be too concerned about it right now.

Professional camera!
I've decided that i do indeed want a really good camera. after doing some research for good yet not too expensive cameras online, i've found my baby; Nikon D5000. it looks amazing! sadly, it's just under $800 for the body and a lens. judging by my pocket money, it would take me 3 months to get this master piece.. if i didn't buy ANYTHING, or call or text anyone. sadly, i am not that determined to get the camera (lol) so i'm contemplating a part time job...even though i hate working! seriously. i worked for about 2 years in Australia, having two different jobs and i was not a fan. the job itself wasn't too bad, it was the responsibility..and giving up my social life on some nights. that hurt. plus i enjoy freedom to do whatever i want. but if i truly wanted this baby i guess it'd be worth it. need to think more about it i guess. i need to find some way to make money without working! ideas, anyone? ;)


..I think we should all pay attention to the last image ;)



  1. <3
    these pictures are just lovely.
    interesting blog!

  2. lovely pics
    your blog is great!

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  4. The last image is my favourite :)

    I'm pondering things as well. Second year of university is approaching and I need to decide what i will study and so on.

    I actually love the rain. It makes me happy, although sunshine is beautiful.

  5. Love the beach and I love Pink Floyd. And last photo is ace!!! hahaha


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