the boy with the thorn in his side

When i'm home i like to relax in comfy clothing with bad hair and no makeup. to me, the definition of  comfy clothing are old & baggy garments; perfect for sleeping in. one of my favourite pj tops is this simple black shirt which originally belonged to my mother. a few years ago she randomly gave it to me and due to the humour in the slogan (it really represents the true Aussie within me) i kept it and to this day continue to love it!

I got that bruise on my arm on the weekend. I was walking down the stairs talking on the cellphone and holding half a cup of tea in my other hand when I randomly slipped, stumbled and banged my arm on the banister (?).. I don't exactly know how it happened but miraculously enough, my tea didn't get split at all!

what about you? do you own a similar shirt that you can't let go of?


  1. haha... it's kind-of hilarious :) You have a pretty nose! lol, is that too weird to say?

    Aya ♥ StrawberryKoi.blogspot.com

  2. Ha, this is hilarious. Yes, I own a wholy tie die shirt that I bought when I was 10. For some reason I cannot say goodbye.


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