i know how it feels to be your age

This is my friend's grandmother's camera from like 50 years ago! I thought it was super cute and had to take a picture of it. That's me in the background haha. I love how our the colours (unintentionally) coordinated. 

Tomorrow is my 17th birthday - April 30th. I'll probably just spend the afternoon with friends and then go home and hang out with my family because on Saturday I'm planning on going to Toronto with my friends for a certain special occasion..

This is a picture of one of the parking lots at my school - I really like this picture. The plant life makes my school actually look nice! ;)

I took this picture yesterday, although it's nothing all that special, I love the contrast of the different colours in the picture, and how everyone is busy doing different things, wrapped up in their own thoughts. Well, that's what I got out of it. Maybe I'm just searching for meaning which isn't there :)

I really like this last picture - it's of my brother and I last Christmas. Can you believe that was over 4 months ago? I can't...

Anyway, have a great weekend all. My weekend has started early! I didn't get any homework today ;) The life of a teenager is too easy sometimes..

Bye bye!


  1. Happy belated bday! Hope you had a nice dag and the camera is so cute

  2. the camera is great! nice pictures! cute blog! And belated bday wishes!

  3. Really really beautiful post.
    You have such great blog :o
    Panda x

  4. wow.i like the pics on this post,,



  5. Love the camera! Sweet photo of you and your brother. Best wishes!


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