the colours will arise, keep it deep inside, we are also working

tomorrow i have a big test for my class "challenge and change" which is a mesh of anthropology, psychology and sociology (although it could be argued that a majority of it is sociology) on chapters 6, 7 and 8 so posting right now is probably not the best decision, especially considering when i was supposed to be studying, i was taking a nap..

my belt is breaking :( say bye to it, it's close to extinction.. why is that all my favourite accessories break? further proof of this? today, the below shoe straps broke! i was hobbling around at school. it can be fixed with super glue, but it shows that they won't be around for much longer.. :( best shoes ever. i get so many compliments for them.

top - Aeropostale
shorts- Valleygirl (Australia)
belt - thrifted
shoes - thrifted
headband - H&M
necklace - Diva (Australia) 

sudden realisation: even if i fail the test tomorrow it won't change my future. it won't affect my mark much, as the year is ending, and it will hardly mean failure at life. just like if i ace the test. nothing will change. there's 15 more school days until school ends, i have my two exams and it's SUMMER. even so, knowing this, i doubt i will be able to chill.. tomorrow my biology summative begins (assessment worth 15% of my final mark). stress stress stress. but not nearly as much stress as i went through last semester.. i had functions and chemistry AND english. oh god, how did i manage that.. 

i am so tired. night.
title lyrics from Hey Light - Animal Collective


  1. Love your hairband!
    And I'm really tired too... Think I might call it a night as well (:


  2. That headband is so pretty.
    Good luck tomorrow. :)

  3. I'm jelous you have summer and get to wear singlets and shorts :( Love that singlet by the way.

    And thank you for the comment. I'll try keep posting some Aussie things for you.

  4. Aww, I'm sorry about your belt! I think one of the reasons why I avoid wearing some of my favorite things is because I'm afraid that they will wear too much.. you look so cute, I love your striped top. :D


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