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What is a meaningful life? - philosophy class reflection piece.
"I believe that a meaningful life is a life with reflection and goals because constant re-evaluation of your life is necessary to make sure your goals are actually attainable. A meaningful life consists of love, family, support, education, money, travel and success. Without these things, what would we live for, strive for? Without carefully examining current issues and the direction your life is taking, time will pass and one day you’ll find that you’ve lived 25 years with nothing to speak of it. It’s important to do things you enjoy; play the guitar, spend time with your family, learn a new language, graduate high school, cook a good meal, fall in love.. Or just have fun! It may seem like fun is just “going with it” but I believe it’s important to plan ahead what we want in the future so that we moderate the amount of fun we have now because immature choices made when you’re young can affect the rest of your life so that you don’t end up achieving the generic things such as education, financial support or a family. Without one we can’t really have the other; what is financial support if we don’t have others to share it with? What is a family without financial support? (How would the family survive?) What is education if we don’t have a family to share our wisdom and knowledge? Although it may be boring that everyone seems to end up going down the same old path, I believe it’s the “same old path” for a reason: this equates to having a meaningful life. 

An examined life is necessary in order to establish path and meaning. There is no meaning in life if we don’t achieve anything. There are so many different paths to go down which fills up our time and leads us to many opportunities. For example, sports teams in high school. By doing something different and healthy a couple of times a week, it can ignite a passion for a sport. This passion could turn into a career which could turn to fame which equates to money. The athlete would be recognised for his/her talent and achievement as becoming a professional at anything requires persistence, training and dedication. I believe that this athlete is having a meaningful life because they took the time and made the effort to achieve something! 

We must all remember that the future is unavoidable and the choice of not examining, planning, reassessing or re-evaluating your life is immature. When we question, it leads to deeper meaning. Life without meaning is like a bottomless abyss. If there is no rhyme or reason to what a person is doing in their existence then why are they here, what was the initial goal to begin with?"

source. (for the last two lines - the rest was written by myself)

source. Gemma Watts (melb. australia)

source. unknown (stolen off my little sister)

 source. flashes of style


  1. Wow, that's really well written. Hope you get a great mark on it, you sure deserve it. I agree with you completely. I think going with the flow all the time can be a problem, and we have to have some sort of path to go on. We need to have direction.

  2. something to definitely think about. love the pics.

  3. wow thats deep. Great words. I love these photos too.

    I'm from Adelaide in Australia by the way.

  4. Beautiful!



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