Friday night lights

These pictures are from 'Friday Night Lights' (29th October) which is this yearly football event at my school. Even though I hear in America football games occur every week.. 

 My friends and I in our shirts/jerseys.


 It was super cold. We had to cuddle to keep the feeling in our limbs. Brr.

Our team symbol right there ^
Unfortunately, the senior team lost. However, the junior team did win (when they played, in the daylight).
But, a decent, americany night. Just one of those things you have to do while you're in high school in North America.

Florida's been decent enough I guess. Spending all this time with my mother is annoying me though, I had forgotten how slow she is. I know I shouldn't be saying this but it really peeves me to be on a vacation somewhere, waking up early, and then leaving the house/hotel at like midday. What a waste of several hours. I shouldn't be bored. I'M IN FLORIDA. Raaaaaage. At least the weather is nice. Back home right now in Ontario it's 10 degrees. Here, it's 21. Win. K, more tomorrow, probably.. which is lame. I'm in Florida and updating my blog? ...... 


  1. You and your friends look so spirited! Cute!

  2. I have had to catch up on your blog! No internet at the house makes these things difficult...

    Yes! It is true that in America we have a game almost every Friday night in the fall. Looks like you guys had fun. Even as an adult, I miss these days...


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