halloween pictures

long time no see, instead of plaguing you with excuses, i will show you my halloween costume! 
my first ever real halloween in canada - as in australia it is not really celebrated.
3 close friends and i dressed up as...

BURLESQUE DANCERS! exciting? baby, i know..

 from the night..
 just macking on a skull. no big deal.

 i smile way too big in a lot of these photos. er, no comment why that happened..

teen drinking is very bad...  yo i got a fake id though!

can i just say, i love you canada, for your celebrations, festivities and the excitement and anticipation of halloween. i attended a party on saturday night and it did not disappoint. so excited for next year! what'd you dress up as?


  1. I ussually smile too much when I'm having fun or truly happy!
    You look beautiful!

  2. I love your party pics!!! You looked so cute!


  3. You're so beautiful! Love your Halloween outfit, even though it's not scary at all, mainly hot! Nice smile, too=)


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