thanksgiving (canadian style)

these pictures are from the thanksgiving weekend about a month ago - back when wearing a jacket outside was enough to keep you warm.oh how so much can change in one month! my family and i drove to niagara falls for a couple of days and tonnes of fun was had, i assure you..

see you soon


  1. Agh I know what you mean about the weather! As much as I love layering I am just not ready for winter to be here... Anywhoo, Niagara Falls looks like tons of fun! I've always wanted to go there, just never had a chance :)
    Hope you're having a great day!

  2. These are really sweet photos, look like you had a amazing time.

  3. Great photos, Polina! This all sounds so magical to me - Thanksgiving (we don't have it, I only recognize it from the films I've seen) and Niagara falls. I'm so jealous you can go there whenever you like! It's been one of my dreams to see IRL since I was a kid..

  4. Oh my gosh these shots are gorgeous, especially all the leaves! The falls look amazing!


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